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Causality can be defined as a complex process based on biological, social, and environmental factors. In addition to these factors, individuals have the ability to choose to engage in certain behaviors. The collective outcome of all of these influences separates individual behavior from generic human behavior. Since it is not possible to identify all of the factors that influence normal human behavior, it similarly is not possible to identify all of the factors that influence an individual to become a serial murderer. Generally, mass murder was described as a number of murders occurring during the same incident, with no distinctive time period between the murders. of serial murder specified a certain number of murders, varying from two to ten victims.
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They also identify potential routes of ingress and egress to the area. • Documentation among the law enforcement agencies should be standardized to ensure continuity between separate cases. A skilled trace evidence examiner can compare the trace evidence from all of the victims in a serial murder case, in an effort to identify evidence common to all of the victims. This trace evidence will reflect a “common environment” with which all of the victims were in contact.