How to Set Up + Display Silent Auctions Benefit Auctioneers Virtual Galas

Ok, it’s time to take a trip inside the mind of your potential bidders for a second. In this example, let’s say a person is checking out the item description of an autographed baseball jersey. Once a person has taken the time to carefully read through the item description, it’s safe to say that they are most likely hooked. On this form, you will write your contact information, your company information, what your are donating, and the item’s value. This value helps them determine the starting bid for your item. The description is where you should sell your item to the bidders.
To maximize your fundraising, your organization really should be implementing some additional money-making strategies at your auction. That means, depending on the number of bids they place, bidders have to repeatedly write this information perhaps dozens of times. And with ACME’s latest donation feature, you can define exactly what your organization wants and needs for its latest auction event. ACME is a comprehensive ticketing, membership, and POS solution used by cultural institutions across the globe. While your outreach strategies will likely be adjusted to your particular supporter base—i.e.
As your event continues, be sure to regularly check in with your guests to ensure they’re engaged and eager to bid. This is especially important if you’re hosting an online or hybrid silent auction. With some planning and attention to detail, nonprofits can host an enjoyable, lucrative event. Just make sure to invest in the right software to power your event. That way, you can focus on creating an event that donors remember for years to come. The best way to promote items is by creating an auction catalog, which alongside including basic event details, lists out photos and descriptions of each item.
In addition, the more unique or enticing an auction item is, the more successful your silent auction will be. Most importantly, choosing a venue should be completed on time. It should be one of your nonprofit organization’s first steps when planning an in-person silent auction. This is because venues can book up months in advance, depending on your location. Locking down a location in advance can save your auction team from last-minute stress and unexpected costs. If you’re using mobile bidding, guests can submit their contributions via their mobile devices.
For example, if you’re an animal welfare organisation, you can offer a one-hour play session with puppies or kittens. silent auction donation should relate to your audience’s interests and why they support your organisation. Organisations of all types seeking to raise money and entertain a crowd can host a silent auction, including nonprofits, corporations, associations, and more.
These planning committee discussions will likely take place over a series of multiple meetings. Just remember the sooner you start the planning process, the easier your silent auction will be to pull off. You may find that planning a silent auction isn’t a good fit for your organization right now, and that’s okay! Consider some fun and lucrative silent auction alternatives that are less time intensive. Design your auction registration page to make it eye-catching, engaging, and reflective of your organization’s mission and character.
No apps to download, just simple and easy bidding to raise more money! Guests bid from their computer or mobile device before and during your event! They receive a text message at check in with their custom link to allow guests to easily bid from their smartphones or they can use our bidding kiosk if desired. These are just a few tips to help organize and run a silent auction. There are obviously more tips and detailed suggestions that can help with putting on a successful silent auction. It is recommended that further research be completed by the person in charge of the silent auction or by a selected committee for the auction.
Instead, participants place their bids silently and anonymously on a bid sheet using a bidding number—hence the name silent auction. Silent auctions are often used by organizations and charities as a way to raise money for a specific cause. When most of us think of an auction, we think of a room full of people, yelling out bids on auction items being presented.