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Visit this site depends on your power set — if you have Mind Trick, you can keep said Rancor standing in place without bothering anyone for the entire level. Alternatively, you could take a DEMP 2 gun with you at the start of the level to keep it stunned in place although you have to be very conservative about your ammo for the latter. Sure, Hayate is a sitting duck here, but she can take a lot of hits and her attackers are just three easy to kill Joke Characters who are quick to choose you over Hayate as their target. Essentially, the Escort Mission’s only hard if you’re bad at using Vita. Final Fantasy VI has an escort mission involving Guest-Star Party Member Banon. The most infuriating thing was that most of the vehicles you had to protect were NPC-controlled version of generic vehicles you’d see all the time in normal traffic, and those sure could go fast.
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On the other hand, it was pretty much done in the first thirty seconds. There is also an escort mission for the Zerg campaign, in which you are equipped with Hydralisks with twice the HP and attack power of normal Hydralisks and a bunch of Zerglings. You are fully in control of the escortee, who can cloak and OHKO most of the units on that map.
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